Marriage and Couple Counseling

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Restore your bond...

Your relationship is too important to put off getting help! Whether you have been married for years or are just starting a relationship together, couples counseling can help when you are stuck or looking for a deeper connection.

Some issues couples face that can strain their relationship:

  • communication problems
  • infidelity or cheating (emotional, sexual, digital, etc.)
  • significant health problems
  • past traumatic or abusive experiences
  • a change in the family (marriage or cohabiting, parenting, blending families, etc.)

I have training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a method with proven outcomes of helping couples move through distress to create a secure and lasting bond. Through the process of couples therapy, couples can: 

  • feel emotionally safe together
  • identify the negative cycle they get stuck in and the emotions that fuel the cycle
  • learn to be vulnerable and accepting of one another's experiences and needs
  • create healthy interdependence  and trust
  • develop more flexible and responsive ways of being together
  • discover new solutions to old problems

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